Oxford Recruitment Services understands that the success of a company is not only made up from the product that a company has to offer, but also from the quality of its employees.

Oxford Recruitment Services knows that efficiency and honesty are often the key elements our clients are looking for in an employee and we go to extensive lengths to make sure our clients are getting what they expect from us.

We follow a set of criteria to guarantee that all our potential candidates have the desired qualities and pre-requisites our clients are looking for to ensure we find the perfect match. These include:

- Suitable skills for the role
- Positive mental attitude towards work
- Ability to adapt to the company's requirements and policy
- Ability to integrate within a company's work dynamic

Our experience and expertise allows us to offer the high quality service expected by our client as well as the speed needed when offering our services. We therefore find ways to minimise the cost and time invested by our clients when recruiting a new member of staff.

How do we minimise the cost and time invested by our clients?

Oxford Recruitment Services follows a methodical process when registering potential candidates:

- Appropriate selection, including eligibility to work
- Complete interview
- Thoughtful short list
- Reference check

We take time in finding out those invaluable niche skills which are not always on a candidate's CV.

We believe that the best way to match the right people with the right opportunity is by working closely on a one-to-one basis with employers and candidates to understand their specific needs.

This is why we strive to meet and greet all our clients face-to-face to gather the right information about their needs, expectations and their individual work policies. The emphasis is on making the service a unique and individual experience for each one of our clients and candidates, with a support system in place at all times.

We offer a high level of service, honesty, quality and efficiency and Oxford Recruitment Services is a hard working and professional consultancy.